Partner / Sub Partner of Our NGO

Up till today we are attached with the partners NCLP project (National Child Labour Project)which is running under the government of india where govt. of Maharashtra is a sub partner of this project. District collector is the president of the said project where earliar this project was named as INDUS Project (India and United States) we as Azad NGO are partner and sub partners or being a joint venture with them we manage all social activities & imparting of education in all our institutions through our resources of well maintained management & working administrative staff with well wishers & advisors & free volunteers' of our institutions.


Mother Terresa Educational, Cultural, Social & Welfare Society


Credibility Transparancy

Our NGO is registered with India partnership system & our NGO society is on listing no. 723 with govt. of India ( We are also registered with Guide Star India as Azad NGO India. ( our NGO & our institutions are 100% valid & authentic working in Aurangabad city, Maharashtra state, India where all our institutions are recognized by the govt. of Maharashtra. We are also truly certified & valid (

Transparancy & Accountability

Our NGO believes in transparency & accountability in true sense. All the policies, strategies, projects & budget are shared with the concern stakeholders, donors, organizational members , staff & beneficiaries. Our all institutions under Azad NGO society upholds maximum transparency in funds utilization, besides the education, social, program for children's activity, various other cultural activities, social initiative & welfare activities. We also work on social initiative activities based program. We have maintained all audits report since the establishment of our NGO with all our institution up till today.