Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Value based excellent education through our NGO schools and excessive facilities are to be given also for these poor & needy children & especially for child labors. Adequate & excellent staff with co-education are to be given for grooming the child in all aspect, at a larger scale throughout India. Achieving self reluctant society with self governance, peace, equity & justice.

Our Goal

Overall goal & objectives of the project is to completely abolish child labor from the city & around the district. To provide quality & qualitative education to minority poor children in Urdu medium & for the people in masses who live in distress around & are from economically financially weaker condition. Our goal is also to abolish completely child labour at least in the city & district surrounding areas as child labour is itself a stigma on the society & is a big shame for our country. We lastly goal for a free child labour for the entire Maharashtra state & hence after at all India level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote efficient & effective giving aiming at providing greater opportunities for the people who are educationally backward, deprived of education living in dwell & slum areas and are in distress. Economic development & creating sustainable opportunity to the weaker section of the society. We also give our supporting hand as philanthropy for medical rural, social and welfare activity & our mission is to see a free child labor country.

Our Objective

The objective of our NGO is to give the best education for the poor & needy children who are deprived of education due to their financial weaker condition. Our NGO has been instrumental in helping poor & needy people in masses respective of caste creed & system. We had played a key roles in imparting people's lives through the basic necessities' of compulsory & free education.